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We are expanding !. At the moment we have a waiting list of over 60 children of Beaver, Cub and Scout age. As we always plan for the future we are seeking adult help to become uniformed leaders to assist the current team and create more sections.

We currenty have 2 beaver colonies, two cub packs and two Scout troops meeting at the times listed below. The idea is to run a second section at the same time as these, with new assistant leaders helping make this possible.

Could YOU make the difference ?

These are the current meeting times and listed below some links to the official role description of the leaders we need, but they do miss out FUN.

Beavers, Monday 17:00-18:00 and Tuesday 18:00-19:00

Cubs, Monday & Thursdays 18:30-20:00

Scouts Wednesdays and Friday 19:15-21:15

The pay is £0, but the rewards are priceless, you really can make a difference in the lives of our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, its real I have seen it happen and if you join  you will see it too.

For more information please get in touch. 

Thank you

Graham    07768047332




Would you like to join our RSG VIP Scheme. ?

You can also make a donation to the build for any amount you wish. we fully understand that times are hard and we truly appreciate any amount that is donated. All donations will ne recorded and displayed in the new build in recognition of your support. Please use the link below to download the form.

Donation Form RSG

To make it ready for Scouting activities we will still have to fit out the inside, and 2021 will be an important fundraising year for us, but you can get involved now in the VIP programme.



Text HQBUILD to 70085 to donate £10. Texts cost £10 plus one standard rate message and you’ll be opting in to hear more about our work and fundraising via telephone and SMS. If you’d like to give £10 but do not wish to receive marketing communications, text HQBUILDNOINFO to 70085.



You need to be an action man like Bear Grylls to be a Scout Leader…. Right?

What a load of Woggle!!!!

If I had a £1 for every time I heard this I would be telling the Apprentices… You’re Fired!

For a start all of our sections are headed up by fantastic leaders, none of which look like Bear Grylls 🙂 however they all have the same drive and determination of a SAS soldier and adventurer!

But this is still a common misconception amongst those not connected to the Scout association, it’s all middle-aged men in shorts tying knots and singing ging-gang-goolie (what ever that is anyway?)

I cannot think of anything further from the truth, we are a forward thinking and modern Scout group.

Today’s Scouting could be as much about enriching mental health, developing modern day skills, like coding or website design as it is to knowing knots and sharpening pocket knives. The leadership team at Rolleston are looking at expanding its current leadership team across all sections and we think you have the skills we are looking for.

We are not looking for the next Bear Grylls, we are looking for enthusiastic adults, with a thirst for adventure, enjoy having fun & learning new skills. You must be interested in developing the young people of Rolleston and the surrounding villages, whether that be through bringing in fresh new ideas, passing on your skills/knowledge or just bringing a youthful and adventurous attitude to the group.

If you’re still here and reading this far down, it seems you’re already showing a significant interest in joining us. So who are the team already based at Rolleston Scout Group? Well everyone is a volunteer, just like you, they all have busy family lives and jobs, they all understand the demands on modern life. They are no different to you…. We were all in your position once, on the outside looking in.

We have a wide and diverse team at Rolleston that bring different skill sets to the group, we have company directors, mechanics, city bankers,heart surgeons, engineers, teachers, medical researchers, builders, aerospace technicians, coach builders & stay at home parents to name just a few occupations.

They all bring such a different viewpoint to the group and its this attitude that makes us such a dynamic and over subscribed Scout Group in the area. Yes we have leaders that climb mountains, run marathons, complete obstacle courses for fun, its not so much what they do, but more that they are inspiring the young people to push themselves beyond their believed limits. There are no restrictions on religion, race, gender or ability we are fully inclusive.


Q – Is it all just hiking and camping?

At Rolleston our young people do almost everything yes getting out camping and outdoor pursuits is a big part, but we do not restrict ourselves to what has been before, we set new goals.

Q – If I show an interest, am I suddenly the Scout leader with loads of children under my responsibility?

No you will compliment our already established team of leaders and assistants, of course later on you may well want to take on more responsibilities and leadership roles.

Q – Will I have to complete loads of training and checks?

All our Adults in Scouting are checked through the Government DBS system, you will also have to undergo a few hours training in child protection and safeguarding. However you will always be with more experienced leaders, not chucked in on your own.


Q – Will I have to wear a uniform?

We are a uniformed organisation and our section heads will be in uniform, as a general team member it is not absolutely necessary, a number of our leaders just wear either a polo shirt or hoodie to show they are part of the leadership team or like our fellow leader HRH Kate a nice roll neck sweater 🙂


So what do you need to do?

If you want to come along and be part of a dynamic energetic team of volunteers then drop us an email in the first instance, perhaps telling us a little about yourself (Its not a job interview!) and outline why you want to join our team. We will then arrange a drop in session at one of our evenings so you can meet some our team. Its great fun and I guarantee you will learn new skills.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading.

Graham Jacks

Call or text     07768  047  332

1st Rolleston (24th Burton) Scout Group