Capital Expenditure Report

Multipurpose Activity Centre  M-A-C


Capital Expenditure Form

Proposal Date Requested Requested By
Building of a Multi-Purpose Stage and Activity Centre in the Grounds November 2016 Graham M Jacks
Proposed Supplier / Contractor Date Quote Obtained Cost
Project Detail A stage measuring 12 metres by 8 metres will be constructed on the left-hand side of the field currently where the fir trees and the compound are situated

The stage will be of concreate and steel construction, with a canopy.

Under the stage will provide much needed storage

The rear of the stage will encompass a climbing wall and Air rifle range.

Anticipated Lifespan Due to the steel and concrete construction, the lifetime of this should be more than 40 years
Maintenance The concrete (if designed and installed properly) will last for more than 100 years.  The steel will most probably need a brush applied protection (paint) every 15 or so years (most coatings give a 10-12-year warranty but there are some that offer 15).  If this planned maintenance is undertaken there is no reason the steel won’t last for 80+ years.

Checklists will be created to ensure that the stage, all the activities that take place on it and around it, and storage area are looked after

Principle Reason for Request A stage is an essential part of Rollestonbury, which is by far RSG’s most profitable event. The cost for a suitable stage for next year’s event will be more than £2,000 for the same size stage as the one that is proposed to be erected, which accounts for 52% of the events fixed costs.

A fixed stage will enable easier set up and provide a safe, professional platform for the band to perform on.

This stage would be larger than previous temporary stages, which would enable the option of having a 2-band event; reducing the non-music time

The building of a stage, which includes a multi-purpose activity centre will offer significant additional benefits to the group;

Additional Benefits Climbing wall – A climbing wall on the back of the stage which will be 3 times larger than our current wall. This will not only be an enlargement in size but it will incorporate tree different walls in one. The first will be a gradual slope, making and easy climb suitable for the Cubs and older Beavers. The second and third will include vertical and overhang sections for the older Cubs, Scouts and Explorer units to challenge them.

Storage – Space underneath will enable the dry secure storage of trailers and pioneering kit; this would mean all stage blocks and fencing can be kept out of sight in the containers. This will increase the life span of the equipment and make it easily accessible to use. At present the compound area is very tight and takes time and effort to access some of the equipment, time that is always of short supply on a meeting night.

Supported document submitted by Ian Ferguson (ASL)

Bouldering Wall – This will extend from the vertical climbing wall and cover the remaining rear wall and cover the two sides of the stage. A bouldering wall is a low climbing wall needing no permits or authorisations to use. It is fantastic for the Beavers to learn on and great for the older ones to practice their skills.

Both the Climbing walls and the bouldering wall are to be designed by members of the Derby Mountaineering unit who have designed various walls and installations. This they are doing free of charge.

Rifle Range – This will be located at the back of the stage shooting left to right. This will be an Olympic standard 10-meter range. This will have a major advantage enabling shooting in all weathers.

Supported document submitted by Martin O’Farrell (SL)

Tent Drying & Marquee Washing – Currently we do not have a dedicated area where large items such as tents and marquees can be hung up to dry. The current practice of washing them on the car park and drying in the hall is not ideal as the carpark is in constant use, open to the elements and impinges on the Halls usability and increases the risk of damp issues.

Bonfire Night – The Guy Judging could take place on the stage – making it a more prominent feature at the event. This section of the event would then be advertised to the local Co-operative trust to take the local schools to enter and increase our attendance at the event.

Carnival – This area could provide a raised (and covered) area for an afternoon tea Room, with panoramic views of the event, or the stage could be used to make announcements

Outdoor Activities – The stage will provide a covered area for outdoor activities away from the main building, increasing the possibilities available to the group, including outdoor movie night and sleepovers without tents


Payback The £20k investment will have paid for itself over 10 years, by negating the need to hire stages for this event – leading to 30 years of potential cost savings (circa £60k+)


Additional Revenue By having a permanent stage will reduce the financial risk of holding other events such as:

Last Night of the Proms – Hiring a Band and using existing marquees would be a low fixed cost event with a max set up cost of £1,200 for PA & Band. The Cover of 4 or 5 Corporate Marquees would cover this – which could lead to the birth of RSG’s 4th key annual event.

Movie Nights – With the Covered Stage – and the use of the existing projector and screen could provide both a new revenue stream and new experience to the group.

Also, both the walls could be made available to hire from other Scout groups depending on the availability of trained leaders.


Source of Funding Using the Cash Reserves, the Stage could be financed and repaid in 1 year from the profit of the key 3 RSG events.
Summary Whilst the Project has a relatively large initial cost, this cost will be paid back in a quarter of the estimated lifetime, without any additional revenue streams being explored.

Added to the financial benefits, are the practical benefits of storage and a washing and drying area.

It will save time, energy and manpower, not to mention money and decrease stress levels of running an event where a stage is an integral part.

It will be a great addition to the group and as time progress and events changed can be easily adapted to be a fit asset for the future.

Finally, the Stage and its integral multi-purpose activity centre comprising Rifle range and climbing wall and outdoor shelter will provide years of fun and adventure for our group’s members










1st Rolleston (24th Burton) Scout Group