Charity Days

All Charites rely on the goodwill of people to dedicate their personal time to a cause or an event, and Scouting is no different.


I have been a Scout leader since 18, the Group Scout leader since the tender age of 24 and a Civil servant with the FSA since 1998, and for the last few years I have been combing the two (well for three days anyway).

Civil servants as well as many companies have Charity days which they can use to help any charity or event on a work day (with the agreement of your line manager) and still be paid.

I and two of my team at work have taken advantage of this and really made a difference in the events I run at the Scout Group I am involved in.


We hold three major events a year, a village Carnival, an open-air concert and a village bonfire night. These three events pay for the utility bills of the group and the future development and other running cost we may have over the course of the year.

We raise over 30k a year and we can’t do this without help and this is where you can help. !

If you wish to use your charity days to help us on an event, a camp or just donate some time then please get in contact.

Our current building project, in planning

Now becoming a reality


1st Rolleston (24th Burton) Scout Group