Design and Assess statement

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Rolleston Scout group was established in 1933. In 1989 after a substantial fundraising campaign the new Rolleston Scout Group Headquarters were opened at Station Road, Rolleston on Dove.

Our current Scout group is currently flourishing with a healthy group of over 167 children across our Beaver, Cubs and Scouts with a Leadership team of 29 individuals. In addition to this we also have a non-uniformed side (Executive Committee) of 10 to ensure the Group complies to all health and safety and operates in a responsible way.


Rolleston Headquarters is integral not only to our Scout group but also to the Village Community of Rolleston on Dove. The HQ is hired out daily by various local groups and is used during the weekend for many social gatherings by residents of the village and surrounding areas.


The overhead costs to keep our HQ running are high and as a Scouting group we have a very proactive fundraising campaign in order to keep our building maintained and running to a high standard. We have 4 key main events in our fundraising calendar which help to finance our HQ building, those being: Bonfire night, Carnival, Last night of the Proms concert and Rollestonbury.


The children of the Scout Group enjoy a superb scouting agenda which is crammed full of activities. When weather permits, during the spring and summer months all the scouting activities are enjoyed in the camping field behind the HQ building.



The Proposed Development


The development proposed is the construction of a brick extension and a permanent canopy to the rear and the side of the existing HQ.


Due to the growing numbers of children joining the Scout group and the success of the event calendar, increased toilet and washroom facilities are very much required. It is proposed that the ground floor of the extension would accommodate these facilities.


The first floor of the extension would be used to create a new meeting room which would allow the group to run two sections at one time.   We are asked on a regular basis for meeting room availability and this will create a great addition for the community. This would also increase our funding revenue to future proof the Hq in forthcoming years.


To date we have received enquiries and availability for the new building from the WI, the local Slimming World groups, two local dance leaders and three keep fit groups so it is a very much needed asset for the entire community as well as the existing the future Scout members.

The proposed steel canopy would replace the current marquee structure which we currently have at the rear if the building.

The current marquee is not suitable to be sited during the Winter months and must be cleaned and stored until after the Spring period.   This restricts the outdoor activity schedule for the group during these months as there is no shelter for the children to work on activities.


The proposed permanent canopy would allow a functional use of the space at the rear of the HQ allowing a 12 month activity schedule.



Proposed first floor layout




The proposed brick extension will sit to the rear and the west of the current HQ building. The change to the building from the road is minimal. The total area covered by canopy and the brick extension would be 409.5 Square meters.

Design and Appearance


The brick extension will be in keeping with the existing building. The bricks will match as will all the soffits. The roof line will be the same as you look at the front and create a V shape from the side but keeping the same pitch. The Steel Canopy structure would be 10 meters in width and 24 m long. Bays in a 5 m span.   The legs will be secured to the ground by concrete pads, each measuring 1m2.


Both sides of the structure will be fitted with 170mm black PVC guttering complete with 110mm black PVC fall pipes, fall pipe brackets to be galvanised steel.

All steelwork will be power wire brushed and covered with a high build anti corrosion primer and finished in Juniper Green.


All excavated soil will be removed from site.


Site Location


The proposed Extension would be in the position shown on the Google Earth plan below.
The proposed Application area is red, the site ownership is outlined in blue.


Local Planning Policy


East Staffordshire Borough Council – Local Plan 2012 – 2031

Strategic Policy 22 – Supporting Communities Locally


To ensure that local communities have sufficient provision of community facilities the Borough Council will work with public, private and voluntary sector providers to meet demonstrable need.


Proposals for new community facilities should:


  • be located where they can be accessed on foot, bicycle or public transport, rather than only by car;
  • where possible, be developed as part of mixed-use developments so that facilities are better linked to housing, jobs, shopping, leisure and other local services, to minimise travel distances;
  • be proportionate for the community which they will serve
  • be located outside but adjacent to an existing settlement boundary or near the community that the facility will serve in line with SP8.


Where appropriate, the multi-use of premises for a range of community uses will be encouraged.


The Council will approve extensions to existing community facilities, subject to compliance with other Local Plan policies.

Strategic Policy 24 – High Quality Design


Development proposals must contribute positively to the area in which they are proposed and:


  • Help to create a sense of place, building on the urban, suburban and rural local character, respecting local patterns of development and the historic environment, and using heritage assets to their best advantage,
  • Provide safe communities, through appropriate use of clearly defined public and private spaces, passive surveillance and active frontages
  • Reinforce character and identity, through local distinctiveness.
  • Enhance the landscape and protect and enhance biodiversity;
  • Aid movement and accessibility by providing clear and legible connections that work with existing routes and streets, and account for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Retain, enhance and expand green infrastructure assets within the development as the basis of the green infrastructure-led development.
  • Present an appropriate layout for new development that integrates with the existing environment and context, including space around dwellings, public and private space and open spaces;
  • Be adaptable to enable a change of uses where this is possible;
  • Provide innovative and contemporary architecture where this is appropriate;
  • Within the National Forest, reflect the character of the Forest in their design, through street tree planting, showcasing timber in building construction where appropriate, incorporating wood fuel systems and green roofs, especially in Burton upon Trent, where this will contribute to the town being considered as the Capital of The National Forest.
  • Provide well designed and integrated public art in substantial schemes in the town centres, and in other proposals where it is intended that the public have access into the site or where there is suitable public space within the site.





The installation of the extension would not require the creation of any new access from the highway, vehicles would use the existing access to the site as illustrated below by the orange route.

Access to site from both directions off Station Road.   All heavy vehicles will be directed to enter the village via Dovecliff Road to minimise disruption to the village.





Construction Traffic

All HGVs to approach the site via Stretton to minimise the impact on the village. All construction traffic and deliveries be kept to an absolute minimum and no construction vehicles will be parked on the road. We will create an area for all vehicles to be parked and unload safely on our site.


Any construction kit left overnight will be locked securely in the HQ buildings or removed from site.




The proposed development is on private land and is not accessible to the public.


The Scout group would continue to operate as usual throughout the build as our internal building is not affected. All areas of the build outside would be fenced off to enable a safe building site and ensure the safety of all persons.


Visual Impact


The visual impact of the build will be minimal. The build will be in the same brick and mirror the existing roof line and front wall. All windows and doors will be matching, and the interior brick will also match the existing ones.


The eastern hedge boundary of the site is substantially mature with trees and provides natural screening. The image above illustrates the site during the Winter months when hedgerows and trees lines are bare.

The Hq extension design has been chosen to optimise its blend with the natural backdrop.


The nearest property, outside of the Applicants land ownership is “The Old Pump House”, which is approximately 125m East of the Application site.


The structure would not be in the direct line of site of the nearest neighbours and the trees on the Application Site’s Western boundary would help screen views.

Due to the distance and natural screening of the site there would be minimal change in the view from outside of the Applicants ownership.



Risk of Flooding

A full risk assessment has been commissioned and will be published as soon as it has been completed


Listed Buildings


There are no listed buildings within a 250m radius of the proposed development site.





No trees will need to be removed for this build and all the development will be on ground that is currently covered in Tarmac.


Public Rights of Way


There are no public footpaths in proximity to the Application site.




It is submitted that the proposed development satisfies the criteria of Local Policy. The Design and Location have been considered carefully by the Applicant.



January 2020


1st Rolleston (24th Burton) Scout Group