Hq Extention

Mission Statement

Since 2006 Rolleston Scouts as a group has literally gone from strength to strength. Every year we complete a census that records the number of Children and adults in the group and in 2006 the total number of uniformed members was 56. Since then we have expanded in all sections from one Beaver, Cub and Scout section to two beaver colonies, three cub packs and two very large Scout troops with a youth membership of 167, 32 leaders and a management team of 11. This is a very nice problem to have, as it demonstrates we have great sections and leaders who deliver a great selection of activities, camps and meeting nights that the children love and enjoy or they would’ve left or joined another group.

The issues this raises are stated below.

We are full, so we are refusing Scouting to Children on the community and the surrounding area as we have no more night s to meet and open more sections  as the building is running to its maximum capacity at the time we need to run the three different sections.

As we are full we have no spare nights to rent out the Hq to the local community to raise funds to keep the Hq in tip top condition and pay the electric bill.

In recent times we have put on more large scale fundraising events but we are finding it increasingly hard to get help to run these events.



We build a new meeting room. This can be used by the group to open more sections as and when is needed to ensure we are offering Scouting to all, and when not being used by the group creating a brilliant space that can be rented out the various groups in the community for meetings, keep fit and many other activities. This then creates a income to the group that, moving forward will ensure that the group is less reliant on it fundraising activities and the volunteers we repeatedly call on to make the events run.

1st Rolleston (24th Burton) Scout Group