This summer why not join in with a fun hide and seek game. Open to all of our scouting family. Beavers, Cubs and Scouts and to the village community. 

Rolleston Scout Group have painted 20 Rock pebbles, with scouting activities. Each stone design resemble something that we do in Scouting like Archery, climbing, camping. Including the events like Rollestonbury, last night at the proms and bonfire night. On the back of the stone will be a Facebook page.

Scouting Rockers

Not only is it fun to find the Scouting Painted Rocks but to then hide the rocks, and during the summer holidays to go on a scouting mission to find the “Scouting Rocks” complete collection.
But remember,. ‘Rolleston Rockers’, are asked to take a photo of the one you have found and post it on the 1st Rolleston Scout Group Facebook page. Then either leave where you have found it OR re-hide it.  Somewhere close to were you have found. In public such as a park bench, or under a tree for others to find.
By playing this game you need to adhere to these game rules and Safety Notes. 

– Be mindful of others. Don’t create tripping hazards when hiding rocks,

– Hide the Rocks away from roadsides and open water. Be Responsible with hiding in sensible, child friendly & safe finding places.

– Don’t disturb wildlife when hiding your rocks, make sure they’re hidden somewhere that won’t disrupt the natural habitat. Scouts care about our environment.

– Don’t throw rocks (seems obvious!)

– Don’t hide on private property. That would encourage trespassing.

– Keep the hiding places within or close to the finding place. Keep will within the Rolleston-on-Dove Parrish boundary.

– Don’t pinch the stones, “Don’t be that person, that spoils it”

Most of All..

Have fun, Keep it Fun, Pass on the Fun.

Rolleston Scouts Group RSG


1st Rolleston (24th Burton) Scout Group