Beaver Scouts


If You would like to enquirer about you son or daughter joining this section please in the first instance can you fill in the online form under the Group waiting list tab. This will go straight to the team and we can process the application .


Local groups that may have spaces or other nights which maybe more convenient.

12th Burton (Tutbury)

Meeting Place: -Old School House, Cornmill Lane, Tutbury, DE13 9HA Contact  Pete Steadman GSL 12th


18th Burton (1st Stretton)

Meeting Place: – St Mary’s Church Hall, Hillfield Lane, Stretton, DE13 0BN  Gary Keen GLS 4th



Beaver Scouts are young people usually aged between six and eight years old. They belong to the first and youngest Section in the Scouting family. Young people can join Beaver Scouts in the three months leading up to their sixth birthday. They can move to the next Section, Cub Scouts, between eight and eight years six months.



WE DO, have respect for everyone as individuals whatever their differences.


WE AS A GROUP DO, take bullying seriously; it’s not just a bit of fun.


WE DON’T, accept any bullying behaviour, name calling, physical violence, threats, being left out, spreading nasty rumours either in person or by text or email, hiding their belongings or any other way of making people feel bad.


WE DO, report any bullying we see, whoever it’s aimed at. It should be reported to a leader straight away.


WE DO, take someone seriously if they tell us they’re being bullied and we don’t watch others being bullied without doing something.


WE DON’T, just put up with bullying or bad behaviour.


WE DO, make sure something is done about it.


Rolleston Scout Group will not tolerate persistent bad behaviour or bullying in any way shape or form. It is a fundamental part of our association that we protect children in our care from physical, emotional and sexual harm and this is what we endeavour and strive to achieve. The group runs a three strike rule. In any instance of bad behaviour or bullying the following procedure is followed.


  1. Verbal warning to child (in front of another leader) and a meeting with the section leader and parents to discuss the matter.
  2. Written warning together with a meeting between the GSL, section leader and parents followed by a three week ban on attending meetings, activities and camps that might be inside that three week period. Refunds will not be given for events missed due to exclusion.
  3.  Your child will be excluded from the group by the GSL. This exclusion applies to all sections of the group. For example if excluded from Beavers this means they will not later be able to join Cubs/Scouts.


Stages 1 and 2 will not be applied in cases of a particularly serious nature, including bullying or serious bad behaviour that endangers safety. In such circumstances a child will be excluded from the group without notice. All reports are kept strictly confidential If you have any concerns they should be made to the GSL ONLY.

07768 047 332

1st Rolleston (24th Burton) Scout Group