Beaver Uniform

The Beavers wear a turquoise jersey, the group scarf and either a blue (Trent Colony) or a red (Dove Colony) woggle.


The Beavers can gain badges throughout their time in the colony, and the location of where the badges should be located on the uniform is shown in the picture below.  Following the picture is a brief description of some of the badges.




Membership Award:  The Membership Award is presented to the Beaver when they are invested into the colony and shows that they are a member of the Scouting organisation.  It should be worn on the left breast.

Joining in Award:  These badges are awarded annually to Beavers who take an active part in the colony meetings throughout the year.  They are continued to be awarded throughout the scout group.  Only the highest numbered award should be worn.  This badge should be worn above the Membership award.

Activity Badges:  There are 12 activity badges for Beavers to achieve covering a number of different activities.  They are round, have a yellow background with a blue border and should be worn on the left sleeve.

Staged Activity Badges: There are 6 staged activity badges which are common to Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.  This means that it is possible for the young person to gain whichever badge is appropriate for their ability.  It is therefore possible for a Beaver to achieve a higher staged activity badge than a Cub.  Staged activity badges are round, have a pale blue background with a dark blue border and should be worn on the left sleeve.  Only the highest of each staged activity badge gained should be worn on the uniform.  These badges can be transferred to the young persons new uniform when they move up to Cubs.

Challenge Awards:  There are 6 challenge awards available for the Beavers to achieve and as the name implies are more challenging to achieve than the activity and staged activity badges.  They are square in shape, have a yellow background with a dark blue border and should be worn arranged in a diamond shape on the right breast.

Chief Scouts Bronze Award: This is the highest award for the Beavers and is a real achievement.  All 6 challenge awards need to be achieved by the Beaver to gain the Chief Scouts Bronze Award which is then presented at a special presentation evening.  This award should be worn above the Challenge Awards on the right breast and can be transferred to the Cub uniform on moving up.

1st Rolleston (24th Burton) Scout Group