Skittle and Beer Night

Skittle and Beer Night


Doors open at 18:30, Skittles at 19:00

This event has been designed as a great night out for all the family. The night will consist of 12 rounds of skittles, a ‘Roll a Coin’ game, and a great raffle.

Your team may consist of any number you wish, but a maximum of 6 per team. You will all have your own table for your team and your score will displayed on the scoring board throughout the evening. The team ticket is £25

Also there will be a bar, packed with hand picked Gin, Prosecco and some local beers and selected ales to quench your thirst.

Cash and card payments are acceptable.

Pizzas will be available to order at the bar and delivered to your table. You are welcome to bring snacks if you wish.


Proceeds from this event will go to RSG and Scouts  Chloe and Sophie that are attending Roverway in 2024.

Roverway is a European event for Scouts and Guides aged 16-22, which takes place every 3-6 years.

Roverway is the only European Scout and Guide event aimed at young people aged 16-22. Roverway is organised by the European Scout Region and WAGGGS, taking place every 3-6 years.

The aims of Roverway include promoting intercultural learning and exchange, and to enable meaningful youth leadership opportunities.

Roverway is unique in its patrol structure, empowering Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders to organise their patrols and their ‘path’: an exploration of the host country with patrols from other countries.


Game Rules


All balls must be bowled underarm. Bouncing balls are allowed but not recommended.
The feet must remain behind the skittle bowling line when bowling.
Balls are bowled at the skittles one at a time. All three balls bowled at the skittle diamond is known as a ‘Hand’.
Each player in each team completes a Hand.
Play alternates between teams until all players have completed a Hand.
A ‘Leg’ is completed when all players have bowled one hand
Points are awarded for each skittle knocked down, one point per skittle.
If all skittles are knocked down on the first throw, this is known as a ‘Strike’ of ‘ Flattener’ or ‘Flopper’.
Knocking all skittles on the second throw is known a s a ‘Spare’
All fallen skittles are removed after each throw.
After a ‘Strike’ or ‘Spare’, all skittles are replaced.
The maximum score per hand is therefore 27 – i.e. three ‘Strikes’

The winner is the team with the highest score


Little bit of fun, I’m a Skittle but What is my Name ?

1st Rolleston (24th Burton) Scout Group